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Posted on August 05 2018

Today is Friendship Day, a day that was started with the idea that friendship in all forms can inspire peace efforts and build bridges between communities. But in our day to day lives, friendships can mean so much more. True friends lift you up, they support you no matter what, and they love you for who you really are.

I mean, we love a good romance movie as much as the next gal, but really the best relationships in life are friendships. So here we gathered the best friendship movies that will either make you laugh, inspire you, or tug on your heartstrings more than any Nicholas Sparks movie ever could.

1. The Cheetah Girls.

"Our spots are different, different colors. We make eachother stronger that ain't ever gonna change."

This Disney Channel movie dates back to 2003, and it's about time to revisit this gem. The whole movie is about accomplishing your goals, following your dreams, being a good friend, staying true to who you are, and dare we say it? A little growl power.

2. Mean Girls.

"Irregardless, ex-boyfriends are off limits to friends. I mean, that's just like the rules of feminism."

Okay, so maybe there are more lessons in this movie on what NOT to do to be a good friend, but it's a classic. In the end you learn that you should be lifting up other girls and sticking together instead of writing nasty things about them in a burn book.

3. Romy and Michele's High School Reunion.

"You look so good with blonde hair and black roots, it's like not even funny."

Romy and Michele return for their high school reunion determined to show all the mean girls that they’ve made a life for themselves in the adult world. They may not have actually invented Post-Its, but their friendship is something to strive for anyway.

4. Crossroads.

"This time, we didn't make any wishes for the future. We said goodbye to our past. Now, none of us has any idea where life's gonna take us, 'cause what we have is now. And right now, we have each other."

Three childhood friends that took different paths growing up reunite on the night of their high school graduation to open up a wish box they had buried as kids. The next morning they set out on a road trip to California each in pursuit of something for themselves, but end up rekindling their friendship along the way.

5. Sisterhood of the traveling pants.

“Maybe, sometimes, it's easier to be mad at the people you trust because you know they'll always love you, no matter what.”

These four girls are best friends, even though they’re all from different worlds. They stay close with a pair of perfect jeans that somehow magically fits all of their very different body types. Even though each girl changes quite a bit throughout the movie, they find that their friendship grows with them. Just like the jeans, perhaps?

6. Bridesmaids.

"I don't associate with people who blame the world for their problems. You are your problem. You are also your solution."

In the end, who but your true friends will give you the tough love and brutal honesty you really need to make it through the hard times.... and forgive you for getting them kicked off a plane.

7. Thelma & Louise

"You said that you and me were gonna get out of town and for once just really let our hair down. Well darlin', look out 'cause my hair is comin' down!"

Everyone needs that ride or die friend that will go along with every adventure that comes your way. Thelma & Louise go on the road trip of a lifetime when they end up running from the law. This iconic duo stays true to eachother until the very end.

8. Waiting to Exhale.

This ‘90s classic centers around four adult women who are going through big moments in life — love, divorce, and motherhood to name a few — and are all 'holding their breath' to get through it. This movie shows how they depend on each other for support when things get complicated. After all that’s what true friends are for!

9. Beaches

"I don't even remember what it was I was mad about and I don't care. Whatever it was that you did, I forgive you."

This might be the ultimate BFF tearjerker, the story follows the ups and downs of a lifelong friendship that started with childhood letters and made it's way through success, divorce, motherhood, and illness. It will be sure to have you sniffling every time, don't say I didn't warn you!

10. Girls Trip

"And the one thing I know for sure is my girls will be there, no matter who else steps in the picture, my girls are my constant. They gave me the permission to be who I am and I am going to be me, we’re going to be us, loving, laughing, worthy magical us."

Four lifelong friends with very different lives reunite for the ultimate girl's trip for the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans. The 'Flossy Posse' is in for some wild times, laughs, fights, romance, heartbreak and definitely some drama that puts their friendship to the test.


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