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Posted on October 22 2018

In celebration of International Day of the Girl, Mon Amie hosted a Q&A with two young changemakers who are defining female empowerment through innovation. International Day of the Girl's mission is to "galvanize worldwide enthusiasm for goals to better girls’ lives, providing an opportunity for them to show leadership and reach their full potential.” For us at Mon Amie, it’s a day that we can come together as women to support opportunities for girls in any way we can. We are all about making friends and building communities around our cause, so join us! It is not just a day. It is a MOVEMENT. 

Pictured (left to right): Ayo Awojinrin (Social Media), Manali Mohanty (Creative), Aija Mayrock (Guest speaker), Sophie Houser (Guest speaker), Allison Busby (Design), Bianca Chow (Foundation).


We had the pleasure of chatting with Aija and Sophie and getting to know more about their experiences and views. We asked them about their books, what they're up to now, what their goals are, and of course what we all can do to help empower women and girls. Here are our favorite quotes from the day:

"We live in a culture where so often girls are pitted against each other. We need to embrace each other as sisters."  -Aija
"You can't be afraid to fail.... You can't be afraid to speak up about your ideas and just put your ideas out there."  -Sophie
"My advice for any young person out there that's being bullied or discriminated against in whatever way, is to remember that their voice does matter and that they need to advocate for themselves, whether it be to ask for help or to speak up."  -Aija
"I want to keep coding. I want to create something that resonates with people."      -Sophie
"I really want to write content for film or TV on Civil Rights Issues. Content that is entertaining, but also something to learn from."  -Aija

Aija and Sophie loved our new Kenya watch- designed with vibrant colors, a smaller case and beautiful beadwork, the new Kenya watch gives support to girls through education. Every watch under our Education cause gives school supplies to an entire classroom in Kenya. When children are educated they're armed with the courage and self confidence to better themselves, their families, and even the next generation. So what better watch to celebrate Day of the Girl with!?

Overall it was an awesome day for us and we are still running on the rush of inspiration being around such accomplished young women! There is so much more to both of their stories so please check out their websites (and their books!) to read more about their journeys:

Aija Mayrock
Sophie Houser (and partner Andy Gonzales)

Keep scrolling to see more pictures from our event.


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