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Posted on June 08 2018


Be Mon Amie Best Friends Bucket List

Friendship is at the core of our brand. After all, we call ourselves Mon Amie - it's French for "my friend." And our hope is to build friendships with a passionate tribe of optimists and movers and shakers (with a sense of style) and do something big.

Today we would like to celebrate the best friends, partners in crime, soul sisters, and fellow change-makers. Without them, life would be a little less sunny. Just to make sure you never have a shortage of memories shared, we created a Mon Amie Summer bucket list for you and your bestie to conquer together.

1. Go on a road trip. It doesn't matter where you go or how long the trip is as long as you're spending it with your bestie.

2. Volunteer together. Find a local animal shelter or charity that supports a cause you care about and spend a day of giving, together.

3. Marathon a TV series. Find a show you both have been dying to watch and settle in for the night. Break out the pajamas and popcorn and get ready to laugh/cry/cringe together.

4. Get manicures. Because TREAT YO' SELF. *insert Parks & Rec meme here*

5. Cook yourselves a fancy dinner. Wine and dessert required, dates not necessary.

6. See your favorite musician in concert. There are rumors floating around of a Spice Girls reunion in 2018, just saying.

7. Learn a new language together. I mean, if you learn French you're required to go to Paris, right?

8. Read the same book. It's the perfect excuse to get together every week at your favorite coffee shop and compare notes.

9. Try a new DIY Craft. You'll either have an amazing new project you can be proud of, or your masterpiece could become a famous #pinterestfail. If you ask us, it's a win-win.

10. Go thrift shopping together. You never know what kind of hidden gems you might find!

11. Watch a new movie together. Ocean's 8 comes out tomorrow, that's 8 girl bosses leading in one movie, what more could we ask for?

12. Browse the farmer's market. Find some fresh produce to inspire you to make those healthy meals you keep saying you'll make.

13. Rent a kayak. If you're not afraid to get wet try Stand Up Paddle boarding. Either way, find some water and get paddling in the summer sunshine!

14. Have a Disney movie marathon. If you don't remember the last time you watched Mulan, that's a problem.

15. Get matching Mon Amie watches. Pick a watch that contributes to a cause you both care about and share good by spreading the word. *Bonus- you get matching bracelets and a pouch with purchase, to wear with pride or share with love.



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